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Kurs 01675 (SS 17)

Kurs 01675 Moving Objects Databases im Sommersemester 2017
Hinweis Das Semester dieser Veranstaltung ist beendet.
Im in Vorbereitung befindlichen Sommersemester 2019 wird eine Veranstaltung mit gleicher Kursnummer angeboten. Sie gelangen zu dieser Veranstaltung über diesen Link: Kurs 01675 Moving Objects Databases (SS 19).
grundlegende Überarbeitung: Sommersemester 2005 Kursumfang: 4.0 SWS
Übungsumfang: 2.0 SWS nächster geplanter Einsatz: Sommersemester 2018
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Teilnahmevoraussetzungen Kursbeschreibung
KursbeschreibungThe course offers an introduction to a new research area in databases termed "moving objects databases". The goal is to extend database technology to be able to represent any kind of moving entity in a database and to ask queries about them. For some entities only the position in space is relevant, hence they can be viewed as moving points, for others also the time changing extent is of interest, hence we can speak of moving regions. Examples of moving points are people, animals, or vehicles such as cars, trucks, air planes, ships, or satellites; examples of moving regions are hurricanes, forest fires, oil spills in the sea, forests, cancer, or the settlement areas of the Celtic tribes. For querying, one would like to ask about the current or anticipated near future movement as well as analyze movement histories in the past. This is a specific flavor of spatio-temporal databases; whereas the earlier work in that field assumed that geometries change only in discrete steps, moving objects databases allow geometries to change continuously. Some motivation for research in this area stems from mobile computing where it will be relevant to manage the locations of millions of users equipped with location-aware wireless online devices. The course describes data models and query languages for moving objects as well as implementation techniques such as geometric algorithms and novel indexing methods.
Prerequisites: Knowledge about standard database concepts and technology, e.g. from course 01665 "Datenbanksysteme"; knowledge of course 01664 "Implementierungskonzepte für Datenbanksysteme" is helpful.
Für folgende Informatik-Studiengänge vorgesehen: B (über Katalog M), D, M, MC, Z.
Veranstaltungsbeginn: 03.04.2017
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